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This Is Why Wholesale Water Pipes Are So Famous!

Bongs, also known as water pipes, are the most well-known smoking instrument in the smoking world. They’ve been around for centuries. And has been historically known to be used by tribal chiefs, healers, and royalties. It still remains popular to this day, and here are some reasons why.

Smoother hits and Coller Smoke

Two of the great benefits of water pipes are smoother hits and cooler smoke. When smoking through a water pipe, smoke is drawn through the bowl and downstream before hitting the water. The smoke then cools down and rises through bubbles and then fills the long neck of the pipe’s vertical section. The cooled-down smoke amounts to a smooth draw that helps smokers to inhale more leading to a huge impact. This avoids the harsh burning of the throat that many smokers can get from other water-free devices while they smoke. This also helps the smoker to take bigger drags and experience smoking symptoms quicker. But again the water not only cools the smoke but also helps to flush out harmful contaminants as well. Carcinogens can be produced by burning any material, but the water binds to several of these toxins and leaves the smoke practically cancer-free. However, to achieve the best results, you must still use clean water each time and clean your water pipe after each use googleads g doubleclick net.

Wholesale Water Pipes

For users wanting an even smoother hit than just water can provide, there are many percolators on the market that divide the water to allow for more surface area interaction with the smoke itself. These days, percolators are usually built-in to water pipes. And for extra smoothness, users can also add an ash catcher adapter that includes a percolator to their normal water pipes.

Excellent Filtration

The biggest advantage of using wholesale glass water pipes is that it filters smoke through water, providing cleaner and healthier smoke. Research shows that the filtration of water is very effective in removing unwanted toxic components from smoke, especially when compared to cigarette or joint smoking. With smoking often harming the lungs and respiratory system, many of these risks can be easily minimized by smoking with a water pipe. Many bongs come with one to four built-in percolators that increase the efficacy of this filtration device and reduce the possibility of toxins being inhaled. The smoke diffusion as it works its way through different perc openings or slits filters out even more unwanted contaminants than the water alone while simultaneously cooling smoke even more.

The most important point is that glass water pipes, especially if they are equipped with diffusers or filters, can filter out carcinogens and other toxic substances created by burning tobacco. It has been shown that the presence of cytotoxin acrolein and acetaldehyde is removed by water via tobacco smoke. These cytotoxins are toxic to major lung defense cells. Unfortunately, both carcinogens and other pollutants can’t be fully removed by a water pipe. However, since they are filtered through the water, using a bong will greatly reduce the number of toxic compounds that end up in your lungs.

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Custom glass waterpipes have become much more popular in recent years, primarily thanks to the potential for modification. When it comes to water pipes, there are plenty of possibilities. There’s a water pipe to suit each smoker’s exact needs, whether users prefer big, small glass, acrylic, percolated, or regular. Users may also use their water pipes for more than one substance-using different attachments, such as ash-catchers, down stems, joint-converters, nails, etc. For smokers, this means that you can make your personalized bong and turn it into the perfect smoking system, ideal for your particular needs and desires for smoking.

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