Salesforce User Activity Tracking

The Shocking Revelation of Salesforce User Activity Tracking

Salesforce is used by companies in all industries. Providing customer relationship management is what this company is known for and continues to gain traction at a steady pace. When a business can help their sales team gain success it is a win-win for all. 

Sales activity capture

Tracking user activity is not a new revelation when it comes to a business CRM data entry services. There are those who do not feel comfortable inputting data and feel like their privacy is being invaded. The fact of the matter is the management can only see what you want them to see. Integrating your personal email accounts does not give them access to your personal information, emails, or contacts. 

Salesforce is touted as the worlds leading CRM that helps bring sales, commerce, and marketing together and can be accessed from anywhere. Having the ability to access the CRM from anywhere allows the sales team members and all other departments within the business to stay on the same page and attain the same goals. 

Activity Tracking- What is it? 

Activity tracking is the process of obtaining communication data and information such as calendar events, contacts, and emails and putting them in your CRM. The CRM is the system in which all the business records are stored in. The biggest goal is to maintain a healthy system so that you know everyone your customers, their needs, contact information, and how to best help them. 

Salesforce has a large selection of tools to help with this including Einstein Activity Tracker, Salesforce Inbox, Salesforce BCC, and Salesforce Sync. The only one that does not take Salespeople inputting data is Einstein Activity Capture. All the other applications require the sales team to make sure the data is input correctly. This can be an issue because there are many sales reps who do not like to input data and click their time away. These are the salespeople that want to do what their best at and that is making sales. 

SalesDirector’s AutoScribe

Is there a better tool available to help the sales team without having to take up time putting data in? Yes, and the name of this tool is SalesDirector’s AutoScribe. Autoscribe is 100% automated and there is no difficult setup process. It is literally a plug and play with no client-side set up that can be difficult. 

The shocking revelation of Salesforce activity tracking is that to be able to use the information in the reporting it takes time before those reports are generated and able to be used. With AutoScribe the information can be used immediately with real-time reporting. This puts sales managers ahead of the game because they can help their sales reps when they need it and not after the fact. 

The Salesforce method is more of a manual approach with tools that can help. With AutoScribe there is the ability to use the tools together to streamline all the information without the clicking away of inputting data. Real-time reporting allows managers to stay ahead of the game and help their salespeople be more successful.

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