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Custom Suits in NYC: How to Buy the Best Custom Tailored Suits, and Avoid Getting Ripped off

We’re spoiled for choice in New York in many ways, including in the area of custom suits. Some of the options we have in terms of custom suits are great; and some are not so top notch.

Basically, what happens a lot of the time when prospective customers go for an appointment at a custom suit company is that they are met by showroom sales people who don’t really understand the process of making custom suits. At Watson Ellis we’ve heard this story many times from clients. Clients end up with a suit, or other type of custom garment, that doesn’t fit their body the way a custom garment should fit — that is, perfectly. Unfortunately the whole experience ends up being disappointing.

Nothing against sales people, it’s just that they’re not often tailors or designers. They don’t know how to fit clothes to all different body types, and / or how to design garments with a client’s personal aesthetic in mind. Nor do they tend to know how custom garments are made, or have the ability to oversee the whole suit-making process from end to end.

These are crucial qualities when it comes to top-end custom tailoring. If the person you meet with for an appointment doesn’t know these things inside and out — how to design and tailor, basically — then it’s likely going to end up being a negative experience.

The fact of the matter is that there is a lot of opportunism going on in the custom suit business right now, and there doesn’t often seem to be a great deal of substance underneath to back it up. Put another way, there are many companies who have seen an opportunity to cut through in the custom suiting market, but neither their salespeople nor their product really stacks up. There are not a lot of real custom tailors who know how to do the job properly out there!

At WATSON ELLIS, you’ll meet with Melissa — an expert tailor and designer — for your one-on-one fitting appointment. Why choose Watson Ellis when you’re in the market for a custom suit? Because of our wealth of tailoring and design experience. Because of our ‘true custom’ approach, which means endless design and fit options. Because our cost / quality ratio is better than that of any other custom company in New York. And because we are the only custom company in New York that genuinely caters to women and men equally.

Book in for an obligation-free appointment today, and come by to discuss our process at your convenience –

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